What is Intox Versus Information aka IntoxVSinfo ?

IntoxVS.info started in 2014 as a prototype using social media curation and RSS to showcase Mainstream Media Narrative versus Alternative Media Narrative : the idea is to structure information data feeds to allow quick access to information per topic or country or #hashtag and propose demonstrate/showcase the ever growing cognitive dissonance between Corporate Media and Collective/User/independent generated content and certainly (after Trump & Brexit) its impact on cognitive perception and ultimately our own individual or collective reality.

Since Trump this website has evolved to showcase the growing divide between Facts and “Alternative Facts” also called lies or personal interpretation of reality and or weaponized information systems (bots, etc..) but also State sponsored Media.

The goal of this website is to help anyone educate himself on the different interests/prism/perception of current events by different current currently disrupting the information landscape. Education & Factchecking but also re-establishing Trust with readers is going to be essential to regenerate Democracy, Journalism, specially investigative journalism can be of much help to craft a relation between readers and publishers but for this to happen Journalism will have to return to its roots and publish fearless journalism even in the face of authoritarianism or dictatorship regimes.

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The information on this website are the property of the original account owner, source of the news, IntoxVsInfo manage some of the Twitter list that can be found on this website but most of the remaining Twitter list powering the different pages of this website comes from different users (not affiliated with) publicly available on Twitter.

This website DISPLAY information sourced elsewhere and cannot be taken responsible for anything published by third-party sources even if displayed here.