How does it work ?

  • If you have an adblocker installed, deactivate it, otherwise you’re blocking the entire site since it use Twitter list to display information.
  • This website does not track you, neither does it log anything, all the content displayed is Twitter based, if Twitter remove it, it won’t be visible on this website anymore.
  • There is no copy of the Twitter content displayed, what you see is what you get until the author of the content decide to remove it or twitter remove it.
  • Content coming from RSS is being locally stored and remain available for archive, research, analysis.
  • In the future we might have to build this website without counting on Twitter, indeed the recent de-platforming of prominent haters, racists, xenophobes and conspirator is making them flock to other website or build their own, this is going to change the way we can monitor disinformation, racism and other kinds of violent extremist behaviors. This might even change the internet as we know it in the future, there is no way to know how the purge is going to affect those affected but it’s safe bet to say, they will want to platform somewhere else, decentralize and simply own their content.  


  • How do I get removed from this site ? 

DM @intoxvsinfo on twitter, ask to be removed from which list, wait for a reply with a confirmation

  • How do I get removed from a twitter list ?

DM @intoxvsinfo on Twitter, ask to be removed from the list, wait for a reply with a confirmation

  • What is the criteria to be part of this website front page or topic page ?

it’s fully a subjective arbitrary manual process at the moment, basically we are adding interesting people or people that match with the topic based on their tweets, history, reputation and authority, the process has been very much based on knowing the network by observation, occasional recommendation by another twitter user or simply stumbling on a new interesting account, when this happens, the user is added to a twitter list that in turn display this user tweets on this website via the twitter list. 

  • Why this selection of of topics ?

This selection of topics is based on the webmasters range of interests, sometimes a new page might be put in place just to have a quick way to share a selection of twitter users content and conveniently display it on this website with the intent to share the page outside of twitter, for the many that don’t know twitter or don’t have an account, sharing a page that display content is just simpler.

  • Do you accept suggestions of users/twitter lists/topics ?

Maybe, it will really depend on the quality of the content generated or users/topics suggested, if they match current events or match our interests, why not? DM @intoxvsinfo

  • New questions ? mail: info @ intoxvs dot info