The Rashist died for the “good”, and his salary was robbed by his superiors 😏

“…I will also be looking into why and where the fighter’s salary was hung up while he was fighting in Ukraine. The relatives did not receive this money. But the good news… parents received compensation payments for the loss of their son,” Vadim Rogozhin, a deputy from Putin’s regional Dura party, wrote.

Source : InformNapalm
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Date : 2022-07-07T22:10:26.000Z



рашист zдох во “благо”, а zарплату роzдерибанило начальство 😏

“…Также буду разбираться почему и где зависла зарплата бойца за то время, пока он воевал на Украине. Этих денег родственники не получили. Но благо родители получили компенсационные выплаты за потерю сына“, – написал депутат обл.Дуры от путинской партии Вадим Рогожин.


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